Jesus Christ Pita Bread Auction – Trade Me

An online auction for a Jesus Christ Pita Bread on Trade Me came to an end yesterday. The winning bid was $215 and it had a reserve of $1. Reading through the hoards of Question and Answers on the auction, it emerged that the seller wanted to donate a portion of the money from the sale of the pita to an animal charity. Funnily enough the auction generated quite a bit of media buzz and attention around the world.

Jesus Christ Pite bread

Even though this auction is not a commercial marketing campaign as such, there is apparently a marketing lesson to be learnt from these kind of auctions. Over at the Herd and Servant of Chaos they both say something similar along the lines that the Jesus Christ Pita Bread auction is a reminder that marketing is based entirely on emotion and we make decisions not based on what we know but on what we feel. That the auction seller engages his audience into a feeling about the item through the auctions Question and Answer section.

As you can see from the image below, other related products also began to pop up…..

Jesus Christ pita bread


….including a set of Jesus Christ Pita Bread holders.

pita bread holders

And it also looks like there will be more to come according to the sellers last comment below.

Traders Comment