Facebook changes its policy on photos of breastfeeding mums

breastfeeding baby

It’s an undeniable fact, mums love sharing pics of their beautiful babies on Facebook. But have you ever felt like posting a photo of yourself doing the most natural act of breastfeeding on Facebook? It’s a brave step, but women do and Facebook have until now taken a stance that opposes what some breastfeeding women think they have every right to do – post their breastfeeding photos.

Facebook nipple ban lifted on breastfeeding photos

The social media giant has recently changed its photo policy of breastfeeding mothers. Now photos of breastfeeding mums where nipples can be seen will no longer be removed for violating Facebook terms on nudity and obscenity. A victory for those who have supported having breastfeeding images on Facebook, as they have been battling a long fight with Facebook over its policy. Support has come from various groups including Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!, Beautiful Breastfeeding and FB vs. Breastfeeding.


Hey Facebook stop bullying breastfeeders


Below is the updated policy from Facebook where they have removed the phrase: “photos that show a fully exposed breast where the child is not actively engaged in nursing do violate the Facebook Terms”.

Facebook Policy
So a win for nursing mothers who want to show their intimate breastfeeding moments on social media. No doubt with this renewed policy we could see a surge of new breastfeeding selfies.


Creative Freedom Foundation’s Campaign against Guilt Upon Accusation Laws.

Creative Freedom Foundation logo

Do you illegally download music, movies or software over the internet? If yes then watch out, because New Zealand government is set to bring in rediculous new legislation regarding copyright infringment on the 28th of February.

Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act assumes Guilt Upon Accusation. This means that ISPs will be able to cut off internet access and web sites of anyone who is repeatedly accused of copyright infringment, based purely on accusation alone, without evidence or proof of guilt. There is no penalty or punishment for false accusation either and could be wide open to abuse.

So, if you download anything that is copyrighted without paying for it (which alot of people do)  you could be affected. It will be a three strikes and you’re out system. On the third copyright infringement your ISP will automatically cut your internet connection off, without being proven guilty in a court of law.

On the 18th December 08, the Creative Freedom Foundation was launched. It was founded in response to Copyright law and it’s effect on creativity, the economy, and public rights. They advocate on behalf of artists whose creative freedom is affected by major Governmental decisions made in their name, and in the name of protecting creativity.

Even though the Creative Freedom Foundation represents the views of artists, they have launched a campaign against the Guilt Upon Accusation laws in New Zealand.

Part of the campaign has involved them setting up a petition called Not In My Name.  Artists and non artists alike can sign it. Just over 4300 people have signed the petition at the time of writing this post.

guilt upon accusation logo

They also want you to spread the word about the campaign by either:

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. CreativeFreedom.org.nz is against this unjust law - help us

Please do take the time to have a read of the Creative Freedom Foundation site and sign the petition. It might just save your internet connection being cut off.

Jesus Christ Pita Bread Auction – Trade Me

An online auction for a Jesus Christ Pita Bread on Trade Me came to an end yesterday. The winning bid was $215 and it had a reserve of $1. Reading through the hoards of Question and Answers on the auction, it emerged that the seller wanted to donate a portion of the money from the sale of the pita to an animal charity. Funnily enough the auction generated quite a bit of media buzz and attention around the world.

Jesus Christ Pite bread

Even though this auction is not a commercial marketing campaign as such, there is apparently a marketing lesson to be learnt from these kind of auctions. Over at the Herd and Servant of Chaos they both say something similar along the lines that the Jesus Christ Pita Bread auction is a reminder that marketing is based entirely on emotion and we make decisions not based on what we know but on what we feel. That the auction seller engages his audience into a feeling about the item through the auctions Question and Answer section.

As you can see from the image below, other related products also began to pop up…..

Jesus Christ pita bread


….including a set of Jesus Christ Pita Bread holders.

pita bread holders

And it also looks like there will be more to come according to the sellers last comment below.

Traders Comment

Murder Burger Job Advert Goes Viral On Flickr

Murder Burger is a new Gourmet Burger joint that opened on Ponsonby Road in Auckland last month. A bit of healthy competition for Burger Fuel and the likes. So apparently they were looking for staff and placed a job ad on auction site Trade Me and had a less than satisfactory response. They placed a humorous “staff needed” ad in their shop window. Looks like a few people took photos of the job advert and put them up on the photo sharing site Flickr.

Photos on Flickr

Now, almost a month after their launch (and at the time of writing this post) this job ad photo under the title of:

Another job ad photo under the title:

And this one:

Actually, now after closer inspection, all three photos appear to be the same photo.

Due to these photos being uploaded on Flickr they ended up getting over a thousand applicant emails from people all over the world. I guess that was a bit of an unexpected twist in their recruitment drive and online marketing strategy. It just goes to show the power of social media when a local offline job advertisement goes global online.

The Murder Burger site is up on WordPress and you can also find Murder Burger on Facebook, of which currently they have 60 members.