Murder Burger’s Bloody Headless Chicken Billboard Removed

Murder Burger is still probably the newest burger joint on Ponsonby Road in Auckland. I blogged about how Murder Burger’s job advert ended up going viral on photo sharing site Flickr, when they first opened their shop late last year.

So, anyway about a week and a half ago they did some billboard advertising that ended up being short lived. Within 24 hours of their ‘Free Range Tastes Better’ billboard advert being up, it was taken down by the billboard company iSite.  I reckon someone other than iSite probably would of ended up complaining about the poor old bloody headless chicken . No-one (except for Murder Burger) will get the chance to complain now since it’s been taken down.

Murder Burger Billboard

The Murder Burger web site says: “The iSite person said they would give us two hours to change the image somehow – by putting a paper bag over the chickens neck or something – so that the billboard could stay up.  We told him to go fuck himself.”

Murder Burger Chicken close up

If you are already familiar with the Murder Burger site, then this is totally the kind of humourous response you would expect from them, along with their we don’t give a shit what you think type attitude .

As they say themselves, they got better coverage by them taking the billboard down than they would of got from leaving it up. This kind of controversial advertising tends to get alot of attention.


Hell Pizza’s Controversial Halloween Advert

hell pizza graves

Hell Pizza in New Zealand have hit the headlines again with more controversial advertising. The latest is a Halloween pizza promotion that was on the microsite The animation depicts Sir Edmund Hillary, Heath Ledger and the Queen Mother emerging from graves and dancing to Michael Jackson’s song Thriller. People have found it offensive and in bad taste. The site has been taken down.

According to the BBC News, they say the firm’s marketing director Rachael Allison told New Zealand media that the latest animation was part of an e-mail campaign targeting existing customers and that around 5,000 people saw the advert before it fell into the hands of the media.

Mash-up on YouTube
A search for the animation on YouTube comes up with only one video posted. I’m not even going to bother to insert a link to view this video because the video clip doesn’t actually show anything of the animation and it doesn’t deserve anymore views.

When I begun my research on this latest Hell Pizza controversy, this YouTube video had been viewed 15,371 times. Looking at it the following day it had received 17,177 views. So, around 1800 views in one day. For a crappy, dud mashup that doesn’t show the animation, thats not bad in terms of views for that amount of time. And of course the only reason why it has had so many views is because it is the only thing you can find relating to the advert.

I am amazed that no-one managed to get the actual animation onto YouTube, as this is where a lot of banned advertisements end up. Okay, so now you’re curious and probably want to go and check out the mashup video anyway. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother.