Ecofont Uses Up To 20% Less Ink


SPRANQ, a Dutch creative communications company have developed a new font called Ecofont. It has been designed to use up to 20% less ink when printed. This means that you will save ink, therefore Ink toner or Ink cartridges could last longer. What an awesome idea this is!

As you can see from the image above, the font has small round holes or circles in it. The concept was to see how much of a letter could be removed while maintaining readability. They found the best results were achieved using small circles, after extensively testing with all kinds of shapes.

The Ecofont is intended for business purposes and works best when using font size 9 or 10, but the results vary depending on your software and the quality of your screen. It works best for OpenOffice, AppleWorks and MS Office 2007 and is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Printing with a laser printer will give the best printing results.

Ecofont is based on the Vera Sans font and is free to download and use.


Creative Freedom Foundation’s Campaign against Guilt Upon Accusation Laws.

Creative Freedom Foundation logo

Do you illegally download music, movies or software over the internet? If yes then watch out, because New Zealand government is set to bring in rediculous new legislation regarding copyright infringment on the 28th of February.

Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act assumes Guilt Upon Accusation. This means that ISPs will be able to cut off internet access and web sites of anyone who is repeatedly accused of copyright infringment, based purely on accusation alone, without evidence or proof of guilt. There is no penalty or punishment for false accusation either and could be wide open to abuse.

So, if you download anything that is copyrighted without paying for it (which alot of people do)  you could be affected. It will be a three strikes and you’re out system. On the third copyright infringement your ISP will automatically cut your internet connection off, without being proven guilty in a court of law.

On the 18th December 08, the Creative Freedom Foundation was launched. It was founded in response to Copyright law and it’s effect on creativity, the economy, and public rights. They advocate on behalf of artists whose creative freedom is affected by major Governmental decisions made in their name, and in the name of protecting creativity.

Even though the Creative Freedom Foundation represents the views of artists, they have launched a campaign against the Guilt Upon Accusation laws in New Zealand.

Part of the campaign has involved them setting up a petition called Not In My Name.  Artists and non artists alike can sign it. Just over 4300 people have signed the petition at the time of writing this post.

guilt upon accusation logo

They also want you to spread the word about the campaign by either:

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. is against this unjust law - help us

Please do take the time to have a read of the Creative Freedom Foundation site and sign the petition. It might just save your internet connection being cut off.

Murder Burger’s Bloody Headless Chicken Billboard Removed

Murder Burger is still probably the newest burger joint on Ponsonby Road in Auckland. I blogged about how Murder Burger’s job advert ended up going viral on photo sharing site Flickr, when they first opened their shop late last year.

So, anyway about a week and a half ago they did some billboard advertising that ended up being short lived. Within 24 hours of their ‘Free Range Tastes Better’ billboard advert being up, it was taken down by the billboard company iSite.  I reckon someone other than iSite probably would of ended up complaining about the poor old bloody headless chicken . No-one (except for Murder Burger) will get the chance to complain now since it’s been taken down.

Murder Burger Billboard

The Murder Burger web site says: “The iSite person said they would give us two hours to change the image somehow – by putting a paper bag over the chickens neck or something – so that the billboard could stay up.  We told him to go fuck himself.”

Murder Burger Chicken close up

If you are already familiar with the Murder Burger site, then this is totally the kind of humourous response you would expect from them, along with their we don’t give a shit what you think type attitude .

As they say themselves, they got better coverage by them taking the billboard down than they would of got from leaving it up. This kind of controversial advertising tends to get alot of attention.

Jesus Christ Pita Bread Auction – Trade Me

An online auction for a Jesus Christ Pita Bread on Trade Me came to an end yesterday. The winning bid was $215 and it had a reserve of $1. Reading through the hoards of Question and Answers on the auction, it emerged that the seller wanted to donate a portion of the money from the sale of the pita to an animal charity. Funnily enough the auction generated quite a bit of media buzz and attention around the world.

Jesus Christ Pite bread

Even though this auction is not a commercial marketing campaign as such, there is apparently a marketing lesson to be learnt from these kind of auctions. Over at the Herd and Servant of Chaos they both say something similar along the lines that the Jesus Christ Pita Bread auction is a reminder that marketing is based entirely on emotion and we make decisions not based on what we know but on what we feel. That the auction seller engages his audience into a feeling about the item through the auctions Question and Answer section.

As you can see from the image below, other related products also began to pop up…..

Jesus Christ pita bread


….including a set of Jesus Christ Pita Bread holders.

pita bread holders

And it also looks like there will be more to come according to the sellers last comment below.

Traders Comment

Greenpeace – YouTube Climate Change Message – Dear John Key

On the 12th November, I received an email newsletter update from Greenpeace. In this email they were urging people to record a message to John Key about climate change via web camera, video camera or mobile phone. Then upload the video as a response to John Keys victory speech on YouTube and add the tag ‘dearjohnkey’. The last step was to send the Greenpeace email message to friends and family.

John Key videos responses

Follow-up email
Two days later, I received a follow-up email from Greenpeace letting me know that there had been some video contributions uploaded to YouTube already. This email also said that if you can’t manage sending a video, then send an email to John Key:

YouTube video responses
Searching on YouTube for the ‘John Key victory speech’ turns up 2 listings under those keywords. The correct John Key victory speech listing to add your video response to has had 672 views. So far there have been 7 video responses uploaded and 17 text comments (at the time of writing).

So it’s been 2.5 weeks since I received that first email and only 7 videos have been uploaded. It’s not a huge response, but it’s good that they are trying to get people involved and participate through web 2.0 intiatives. A video response is getting people to commit to being responsive in real time. Plus you get to see the real people behind the messages, a private conversation being made public. And this is what social media is all about trying to engage people meaningfully through the use of social media.

John Key video responses

42Below Vodka – Because We Can Movement

Because We Can

The New Zealand vodka, 42Below have decided to create a web based movement to celebrate people who live by their own rules and those who follow their own dreams. They wanted a platform to unite the free thinkers, the independent spirits, the creators and the artists of the world, so have set up the site Because We Can.

To capture the spirit they asked like minded people to create an endeavour that had the potential to delight and surprise, but most of all create something that meant something to them. To unify the contributors, they got them to use white coverall suits in their creation. The reasoning behind the wearing of the suits is to have viewers focus on their endeavour rather than on the people behind it. To be anonymous, universal and generic. Here’s one of the videos called: The cycle of power.

Monthly video competition
To get you involved and get your creativity flowing, there is a monthly competition where they want you to create and submit your own videos to show the ‘Because We Can’ spirit. Entries for this month have to be in by 12.00GMT time on 30 November, and for your effort you could win $USD4200.

My initial thoughts on this movement is, where is this movement heading, where is it taking you in the long run? What happens after you’ve created a few videos and it’s six months down the line, then what? It’s a big call though, trying to create a movement. My thoughts are, if you’re creating a movement then I would tend to expect big things. We’ll just have to wait and see what eventuates.

Pretty average web design
The other thing I’m going to comment about is the web design. It’s a pretty basic site – design wise. One thing I don’t like is the spaced out U P P E R C A S E type that is used for the intro paragraph on the main page (as seen below) and the headings. The Reason being is simple, it’s because I find it visually hard to read.

because we can intro

You are able to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Delicious.