New Zealand Flag Design Referendum

The government has recently embarked on the Flag Consideration Project where
New Zealanders can for the first time in history have their say in the design of the New Zealand flag. This will be costing the taxpayer a rediculous $25 million.

The first part of the process involves New Zealanders going to the ‘standfor’ site and there they are being asked ‘what they stand for’.  If you wish to submit a flag then they direct you to the site. Then there are going to be 2 postal referendums. The first postal referendum determines the preferred alternative flag design. The second referendum decides between the preferred alternative design and the current flag.

On the ‘standfor’ site people have been loudly voicing their opinions on what they stand for. There are quite a few who think this designing of a new flag is unnecessary and a waste of money as you can see below.


So, this flag design is really a branding exercise. A brand is to a company what a flag is to a nation. What is the nature of the brand and what does it say to the world? Well nothing quite says kiwi like the silver fern. No disrespect to the people who have fought and died under our current flag, but I am of the opinion that an alternative flag should in some form incorporate the silver fern. The reasoning behind this is because New Zealanders are already identified with the iconic silver fern around the world. It is used to represent New Zealand in sports, tourism, etc. Building on that existing silver fern association into our flag to me feels like a step in the right direction.


PrinceHarryWearingSILVERFERN pm


NadiaLIM-PromotingNZFood&Culture pm


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