Facebook changes its policy on photos of breastfeeding mums

breastfeeding baby

It’s an undeniable fact, mums love sharing pics of their beautiful babies on Facebook. But have you ever felt like posting a photo of yourself doing the most natural act of breastfeeding on Facebook? It’s a brave step, but women do and Facebook have until now taken a stance that opposes what some breastfeeding women think they have every right to do – post their breastfeeding photos.

Facebook nipple ban lifted on breastfeeding photos

The social media giant has recently changed its photo policy of breastfeeding mothers. Now photos of breastfeeding mums where nipples can be seen will no longer be removed for violating Facebook terms on nudity and obscenity. A victory for those who have supported having breastfeeding images on Facebook, as they have been battling a long fight with Facebook over its policy. Support has come from various groups including Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!, Beautiful Breastfeeding and FB vs. Breastfeeding.


Hey Facebook stop bullying breastfeeders


Below is the updated policy from Facebook where they have removed the phrase: “photos that show a fully exposed breast where the child is not actively engaged in nursing do violate the Facebook Terms”.

Facebook Policy
So a win for nursing mothers who want to show their intimate breastfeeding moments on social media. No doubt with this renewed policy we could see a surge of new breastfeeding selfies.


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