SaverJet – Air New Zealand’s Spoof Web Site Viral

I’ve been meaning to Blog about this sooner, but just over a month ago Air New Zealand launched a viral campaign consisting of a spoof web site for fictitious budget airline Air New Zealand’s marketing manager, Jules Lloyd, said the “tongue-in-cheek campaign” was designed to raise awareness of the hidden fees that low-cost carriers charge.

The humourous approach of taking the piss out of budget airlines and their hidden fees and silly clauses hidden under the asterisk symbol * in the small print, I think works as it’s something we can all relate to.

saverjet terms and conditions

There is no mention on the SaverJet site as to who is behind the fictitious site. I wonder what was the reasoning behind Air New Zealand not acknowledging themselves. Maybe they could of quietly stated in the small print under the asterisk that they were responsible for this site. I learnt the other day that this could be termed as a ‘dark viral’ meaning the brand isn’t actually acknowledged.

Apparently viral marketing campaigns should entertain, inform and incentivise us enough to pass the viral on. I think the SaverJet viral is fairly entertaining, but I don’t think I’ve been informed. There doesn’t appear to be any incentive to pass the viral on either. Despite this, if I’d known about the viral at the time, I think I would of let other people know about the fake SaverJet site.


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