Ecofont Uses Up To 20% Less Ink


SPRANQ, a Dutch creative communications company have developed a new font called Ecofont. It has been designed to use up to 20% less ink when printed. This means that you will save ink, therefore Ink toner or Ink cartridges could last longer. What an awesome idea this is!

As you can see from the image above, the font has small round holes or circles in it. The concept was to see how much of a letter could be removed while maintaining readability. They found the best results were achieved using small circles, after extensively testing with all kinds of shapes.

The Ecofont is intended for business purposes and works best when using font size 9 or 10, but the results vary depending on your software and the quality of your screen. It works best for OpenOffice, AppleWorks and MS Office 2007 and is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Printing with a laser printer will give the best printing results.

Ecofont is based on the Vera Sans font and is free to download and use.


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